In so many circumstances, we are our own worst judges. This is true on a deep and uncomfortable level for many women—often seeing the lovely things in others, and only the flaws in ourselves. At Kristine Logan Photography, it is our mission to change this. Our goal is to showcase the best features our clients and build confidence through top tier glamour and beauty portrait photography. When anyone leaves the studio, I want them to feel better than when they entered.

Meet One of Indiana’s Prominent Orthodontists

I’d like to introduce Dr. Allison Bergdoll, a very successful orthodontist of Dupont Orthodontics in Fort Wayne and Columbia City, Indiana. She is a brilliant woman who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Valparaiso University, finished 1st in her doctorate class of Dental Surgery at Indiana University with a perfect 4.0 GPA, and earned her Masters and Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Alabama.

With Allison’s long list of accolades, and active involvement in various organizations, I cannot tell you how much I am amazed with her level of brilliance and passion. In all aspects she puts her heart into, and her commitment to excellence is clear. On top of all this, she is a loving wife and a mother to two beautiful children.

A Grand Festivity of Life Through Photography

I met Dr. Allison after donating a gift certificate to the Museum of Art Auction. She bought my gift certificate and came to us to celebrate her 40th birthday. It was her present to herself—something she truly deserves.

Aside from their wedding, Allison hadn’t really had professional photos, so it was a first, and Kristine Logan Photography rolled out the red-carpet fitting for a true queen like her.

With her charm and natural good looks, I was surprised to learn that Allison has always felt she was not photogenic, and thinks that every picture she sees of herself is awful. I believe this woman, in fact, all women, hold so much beauty within, and I am determined to help them realize it through my lens.

Glamor and business were the themes of the photoshoot. Allison loves the color red so we featured several striking red garments. We photographed 11 outfits—the highest number of outfits for a single person we’ve ever had! Elegance and radiance were evident in every photo we took, but more than the striking clothes, it was Allison’s smile that made her pictures stand out the most. She truly radiates from within. 

We also took branding headshots for her orthodontist practice that portray a high caliber of excellence. Previously, Dr. Allison used to have just casual photos. Now, she has materials that will help take her marketing up a notch, and give her practice a more polished and professional look.

Photos That Change the Way You See Yourself

More than taking photos, our ultimate pursuit is to help every woman we serve change the way they see themselves—to show them that they are greater than the limitations placed on them, they are one-of-a-kind, and beautiful beyond any comparison.

It is always heartwarming to get this mission accomplished. We are truly humbled and honored by Allison’s kind words, “Kristine is so good at what she does—good at posing and having you turn your body certain ways. She pays attention to details. All the photos turned out amazing, better than expected! I previously thought I wasn’t photogenic but the photos were gorgeous!”

Kristine Logan Photography wants you to have a lasting reminder of your uniqueness and beauty so that your charm and character can be cherished for generations to come. Are you ready to change the way you see yourself?

I’ve always been enthralled by the heart of a mother—selfless, strong, beautiful, enduring. A mother nurtures and loves beyond comparison. Everything about her is worth beholding.

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Kristine Logan Photography gave away complimentary glamour portrait sessions for deserving moms. In the process, I found a gem whose life will grab your attention, give you hope, and inspire you to push on no matter the difficulty.

Supermom Owner of The Narwhal and the Manatee

Meet Megan Elizabeth Sutton, a smart, savvy, stunning soul who gracefully wears many hats. She’s a mother of three beautiful kids, and a believer that nothing is more important in this world than family.

This admirable woman is the owner of The Narwhal and the Manatee, a bath and body boutique that offers natural skincare products without sacrificing luxury and quality.

Her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur was stirred by a solution to her youngest’s skin problem. They had battled it out since day one; tried all the gentle, “earth friendly,” and “skin friendly skincare” options but nothing worked. The final resort was to make a product at home. With her experience experimenting with plants while growing up on a farm, Elizabeth was able to achieve astounding results. People told her she should sell her products, and so she launched The Narwhal and the Manatee.

Aside from managing this flourishing business, Elizabeth also works full time as a middle school media arts teacher.

She truly is full of vigor, pouring her heart in everything she does—you wouldn’t even get a hint about the challenge she has so bravely faced.

Elizabeth is an inspirational skin cancer survivor. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with the illness. But through it all, she has remained so positive about life. Right now, she is finishing treatment for her second bout of cancer. There are so many traits I love about Elizabeth, but one that stood out the most is her indomitable spirit.

Portraits That Hold Meaning for a Lifetime

The Kristine Logan Photography Mother’s Day promotion was the perfect opportunity for the world to know about Elizabeth’s powerful story. I loved Elizabeth’s story so much that I offered her a complimentary glamour session.

For Elizabeth, a great photo tells a story. She loves looking at photos of all kinds—cherishing what is happening in the captured memory, remembering what led to that moment, and the story surrounding it. Most of the photos she takes are things she loves, like gardens and honeybees. But during events, she hardly remembers to take photos since she is so invested in the moment.

This time, it is her moment to take a seat on the other side of the camera and receive all the much-deserved pampering and attention. I was beyond excited to capture her legacy portraits.

We thoughtfully planned out the purpose she wanted to convey. In the end, we came up with a one-word concept. There could be no better theme for her photoshoot but “OVERCOME”—perfectly depicting her fight against cancer. She doesn’t want her children’s memories to be clouded by trials; she wants them to remember her being healthy and full of life.

I loved how comfortable she was in her skin. We photographed a very large scar on her back. While the most glamorous, there is beauty in her strength and perseverance and that shines through in spades. The scar is just a reminder that there is an overcomer in each of us, and we always have a choice to take hold of our lives no matter the circumstances.

It was a joy to photograph her, and make her feel as beautiful as she makes so many others feel. Her photos were elegant, classy, timeless, and vivacious. In the lovely words of Elizabeth, one day these treasured photos will remind her kids that “their mom was a beautiful badass.”

You May Be Overdue for a Little Self-Care

Your story truly matters. But when was the last time the spotlight was truly on you? With our busy lives, I know plenty of us are guilty of forgetting to take time for ourselves. At Kristine Logan Photography, our mission is to remind you that you are worth celebrating. You are the star of a mountain-moving story waiting to be known (and immortalized) through brilliant legacy photos. It’s time to show the world how you made it through the other side with much beauty and resilience. Let us take portraits that hold meaning for a lifetime. We’re excited to have you in our studio!

Luxury glamour photography for women is part of living an abundant life, just ask Rosy. Meet my beautiful client, Rosy Doan, who is a successful business owner but firstly, she is a busy wife and mother.

Portraits of a beautiful Asian woman in formal gowns

She’s A Glamour Queen

Rosy is the owner of Queen Nails Bar & Spa that has multiple locations in Fort Wayne. She is also getting ready to embark on a brand new construction project in North Fort Wayne for yet another new nail salon.   She inspires me with how big she dreams and with how much she has already accomplished.  This strong, independent woman has a vision for the finer things and works so very hard to make her dreams a reality. As a result, she leads a beautiful life that she has created for herself.

Four portraits of an Asian woman in glamorous dresses

Gift Yourself Luxury Portraits

I first met Rosy at a local BNI meeting and we immediately bonded. As a result of our connection, Rosy later came to me to celebrate a milestone birthday. She has an eye for fashion and came with a fabulous selection of clothing options.  We captured her in a handmade beaded gown that puts other red carpet fashions to shame.  Above all, we captured looks that are elegant, timeless, sweet, and sexy.

One of her favorite set-ups of the sessions was going outside and capturing photos among the sunflowers that had bloomed just for her. Together, we created a collection of imagery that met her vision of “the perfect shoot.”  And after a fun day together, it has truly has been one of my favorite sessions to date.

When was the last time you had your portrait professionally taken? 

One day your children will look for photos of you and what will they find?  Will they find something classic and beautifully captured? Or, will cell phone photos document your legacy?

Hey ladies, it’s time for a little luxury.

My luxury glamour photography for women is more than just an indulgence, it’s a necessity. A session at Kristine Logan Photography is an experience you won’t forget. And the proof is in the results. Let’s capture some portraits that will be cherished for generations to come. The time is now.

Luxury glamour photograph of Rosy Doan

Here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, girls take their high school senior pictures seriously and so do I! I started my career with photographing high school seniors and they remain a favorite genre today. Here is a sneak peek at a very special shoot.

High School Senior Pictures for Girls

Eden wanted the best of both worlds for her senior pictures. To accomplish that, she wanted images captured in in both the summer and winter months.  We started planning in the fall and had to work around all kinds of “crazy” in her senior schedule.  We waited for snow, but then finally pulled the trigger in February after what was a rather snowless, but cold winter.  

Eden’s Winter Shoot

Our goal for the winter shoot was to capture some Vanity Fair and old Hollywood inspired glamour in some of her favorite dresses in the studio.  I’m in heaven when my clients share my love of these two special genres.  Doesn’t everyone dream of being in the pages of a fashion magazine?  I know I do!! We started with hair and make-up by two members of my glamour squad. Her hair was done by Julia Soto of Stoney Creek Hair Designs, and make-up was done by the talented Julie Kroll of JM Artistry.

Senior pictures for girls. Beautiful hair and make-up by professionals and featuring fashion portraits by Kristine Logan.
Glamour pictures for girls. Beautiful hair and make-up by professionals and featuring fashion portraits by Kristine Logan.

When we headed outside, it was a frosty, cold afternoon with a hint of flurries in the air.  Certainly it was nothing to get excited about and there was no accumulation on the ground. I told her not to worry, I would investigate how to create that perfect snowy background in post-production and turn her images into the winter wonderland we both wanted to photograph in. Don’t you think we achieved that magical look?

Senior Pictures for girls. Winter picture capturing portraits in the snow.
All images @Kristine Logan Photography

The Summer Shoot

Our second session happened in June, when the weather was just starting to warm-up.  We took some traditional senior photos in downtown Fort Wayne, including some cap and gown photos to commemorate her upcoming graduation.  Although not all her pictures are featured here, we also captured images highlighting the pandemic and the on-going protests that were a hallmark of 2020.  

Senior pictures for girls. Beautiful hair and make-up by professionals featuring activities you love.
Senior pictures with beautiful hair and make-up by professionals. Featuring activities you love and places you enjoy.

To finish our salute to senior year, we went to a beautiful country side location where one of her best friends lived.  There we found tall grass and a wonderful pond to wade in.  Ever so slowly she started to walk into the water, and we took pictures ever step of the way.  Finally she got completely wet, just as the sun was starting to fade into the horizon.  It really was a magical moment and I believe her pictures are reflective of it as well.

Senior pictures for girls. Beautiful hair and make-up by professionals featuring clothes you love and places you enjoy.
A water shoot during summer.  Featuring clothes you love and places you enjoy.

Now that Eden has safely transitioned to college in sunny and warm Arizona, these images will be a treasured remembrance for her family while she is away.  Smart, savvy, beautiful, and a terrific human being, Eden is poised for all the success she has worked so hard to achieve.  Like her mother, I believe capturing the senior experience is as much for the family as it is for the student.  Her album is a treasure of 63 stunning senior pictures I am proud to have created.

Senior pictures for girls. Beautiful hair and make-up by professionals and featuring fashion portraits by Kristine Logan.
All images @Kristine Logan Photography

I would love to create something equally magical with all of your hopes and dreams in mind.  Here are some additional examples from recent senior sessions at Kristine Logan Photography. Your Fort Wayne senior pictures are just a phone call away. Let’s start planning your senior experience today!

I am thrilled to share with everyone another fabulous member of my glam squad here at Kristine Logan Photography. I have been working with make-up artist, Angie Gibson, since I first opened my doors to glamour photography. Angie came highly recommended by one of her former instructors, Terra Soto, and it became obvious why right away given her top notch skills as well as her outgoing personality.

In addition to being a talented make-up artist, Angie is also a fabulous hair stylist, capable of double duty while on set.  Angie has been doing make up for friends and family long before she started her business, trU aUra, in 2011. She is very passionate about her career in the beauty industry and brings that positive energy with her to every shoot. Clients rave about her as she not only makes them look beautiful, but she empowers them as well.  Nothing proves this more than the fact my clients book Angie again and again for special occasions, weddings and events.

“I have met so many incredible women on my journey who have touched me, inspired me and made this experience so rewarding,” says Angie. “Make up is such an exciting tool to enhance features, gain confidence and feel beautiful! Although we are all uniquely beautiful without any makeup on, it sure is fun being a girl and getting made up.”Angie owns and operates her own salon, trU aUra located at, 5310 Merchandise Dr, Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the Spiece Fitness Center.  When you book your glamour session at Kristine Logan Photography, Angie will be part of my expert team to help in your transformation. Because when you look beautiful you feel beautiful!  Visit our contact page to get started on your amazing journey.

Kristine Logan Photography is proud to introduce Terra Soto, owner of Stoney Creek Hair Design, to our team.  Terra has been with us every step of the way since first launching our glamour brand.  

This savvy business owner has a wide skill set including: nail technician, stylist, colorist and educator, both locally and for the JOICO brand.  But it is her positive outlook and cheery disposition that make Terra a client favorite on busy shooting days. She reflects, “I have one shot at life, only one chance to live with passion and use the gifts that God has given me to make a different in the lives of others.”  Bringing that kind of energy, along with her styling wizardry, are what make her an asset to our studio’s glamour team.

While at the salon, she notes, “I love that every day is different.  There is always a new person for me to work with. I love helping clients look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.  It’s rewarding to know that I am helping others feel good about themselves.” When she’s not at the salon or on set, Terra can be found sampling local restaurants, taking in indie music or planning her revolution of the beauty industry.When you book a glamour or personal branding session with Kristine Logan Photography, Terra will be part of the team to help in your transformation.  Visit our contact page for more information on how you can get started on your beautiful journey.

Spring Break.  It’s a ritual here and just about everyone I know goes some place exotic, or so it seems.  For those of us who remain behind, we are left to flights of fancy via our imaginations rather than commercial airlines.   With thoughts of Kings and Queens, and their crowns and gowns, my creative mind journeyed to the Palace of Versailles and the ladies of court.  And thus, my modern adaptation into the world of Marie Antoinette was born.

The first element required were two fair maidens with long hair and a youthful innocence that could be transported back in time.  Naturally I drew upon the beautiful Lauren Gieschen, my sweet daughter who is party to many of my creative stories. To pair with her I called upon another talented artist, Sophie Knox, who shares in beautiful story telling through all her many art forms.

Next massive skirts with over 70 yards of tulle combined were made to bring an elegance to the era, crafted by the fabulous Lorraine Knox and myself.  It is no small task wrangling that much material! Finding other costume pieces to reflect a more “modern” spin on French royalty required more imagination than effort and were quickly assembled.

The girls were wonderfully adorned by the fabulous Danielle Koch who did their hair and Mallory Belote who crafted make-up suitable for our 19th century spin French royalty.  Gone were the excessive powdered wigs and pale make-up, but rather they sported porcelain features that were better suited to ladies in waiting or members of Court.

Our fabulous set was styled by Lorraine Knox demonstrating her appreciation for the depth of layers as well as attention to detail.  Oh, what a mess we made creating such elegance for the camera’s frame. If only I had thought to capture a behind the scenes shot, you would understand the chaos created by visionary perfectionists!  As you know it is all in the details.

Enjoy a few shots from a delightful day of dress up and make-believe from the Glamour Studio of Kristine Logan Photography.