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Celebrating 40 Years of Life and Bliss in 11 Outfits

In so many circumstances, we are our own worst judges. This is true on a deep and uncomfortable level for many women—often seeing the lovely things in others, and only the flaws in ourselves. At Kristine Logan Photography, it is our mission to change this. Our goal is to showcase the best features our clients and […]


Legacy Portraits of a Mother’s Indomitable Spirit

I’ve always been enthralled by the heart of a mother—selfless, strong, beautiful, enduring. A mother nurtures and loves beyond comparison. Everything about her is worth beholding. In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Kristine Logan Photography gave away complimentary glamour portrait sessions for deserving moms. In the process, I found a gem whose life will grab your attention, give […]


Influential & Driven: Capturing the Best Traits of upLinked’s Women Leaders

Fort Wayne is a home to many passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs; it is a place where small businesses can truly influence progress. At Kristine Logan Photography, we celebrate and support entrepreneurship, innovation, and invention through transformative branding photos. In every image, our goal is to let your power, immense capability and uniqueness truly radiate. Meet upLinked’s […]


Luxury Glamour Photography with Rosy

Luxury glamour photography for women is part of living an abundant life, just ask Rosy. Meet my beautiful client, Rosy Doan, who is a successful business owner but firstly, she is a busy wife and mother. She’s A Glamour Queen Rosy is the owner of Queen Nails Bar & Spa that has multiple locations in […]

Best Senior Boy Photographer

Senior year: It’s the long-awaited close of an educational journey and the start of a grand new adventure.  Seniors work long and hard to get to this capstone year. Don’t you think they deserve the best senior boy photographer Fort Wayne, Indiana has to offer? Thankfully, a Senior Portrait session can provide heirloom quality photography […]


The Best of Both Worlds

Here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, girls take their high school senior pictures seriously and so do I! I started my career with photographing high school seniors and they remain a favorite genre today. Here is a sneak peek at a very special shoot. Eden wanted the best of both worlds for her senior pictures. To […]


Welcome Angie!

I am thrilled to share with everyone another fabulous member of my glam squad here at Kristine Logan Photography. I have been working with make-up artist, Angie Gibson, since I first opened my doors to glamour photography. Angie came highly recommended by one of her former instructors, Terra Soto, and it became obvious why right […]

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Welcome Terra!

Kristine Logan Photography is proud to introduce Terra Soto, owner of Stoney Creek Hair Design, to our team.  Terra has been with us every step of the way since first launching our glamour brand.   This savvy business owner has a wide skill set including: nail technician, stylist, colorist and educator, both locally and for the […]

Godspeed Symone

As a young girl, I dreamed of going to the Olympics as a track star.  I figured it would have to be in the 100 yard dash because I just wasn’t fast beyond that.  I tell ya, in grade school I had a mean kick in those last 30 yards. But as I ran track […]


Modern Marie

Spring Break.  It’s a ritual here and just about everyone I know goes some place exotic, or so it seems.  For those of us who remain behind, we are left to flights of fancy via our imaginations rather than commercial airlines.   With thoughts of Kings and Queens, and their crowns and gowns, my creative […]