Fort Wayne is a home to many passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs; it is a place where small businesses can truly influence progress. At Kristine Logan Photography, we celebrate and support entrepreneurship, innovation, and invention through transformative branding photos. In every image, our goal is to let your power, immense capability and uniqueness truly radiate.

Meet upLinked’s Owner

Let me introduce you to Michelle White, an empowered woman whom I truly admire. She is the owner and founder of upLinked, a business that helps organizations and individuals maximize their LinkedIn presence in order to develop and grow their brand. They offer education, coaching, and management services. On top of this, Michelle is also a wife and supermom to four kids.

Before upLinked, she served as a middle school teacher for 6 years. When she became a mother, she transitioned to online teaching, and then ultimately to entrepreneurship. She maneuvered the transitions in her life so beautifully and created a life she loves.

With everything she has to juggle, Michelle is truly a queen of time management to me. She is a brilliant woman who goes after her dreams and is committed to attaining them.

Elevate Your Branding

Every meeting is purposeful, don’t you think? I met Michelle a few times—first at NIIC, and at First Fridays Fort Wayne. We spoke on the phone after, together with upLinked’s principal growth strategist, Britney Breidenstein. It was the perfect time to set their business branding to the next level.

We had a pre-photography consultation. Our goal was to promote legitimacy, professionalism, and an unparalleled level of excellence. To establish this, my team and I worked hard to create an office setting to show how they work with companies. Clothing options, professional hair and makeup, and the glam they deserve were also provided.

On the other side of the coin, these ladies not only mean business, they are into creating meaningful relationships with their clients. Michelle and Britney have warm personalities that can make transactions a true joy. The pops of color in their clothing choices reflected that vibrance. It turned out to be a fun shoot that featured their warmth, friendship, love for coffee, and passion in what they do! I am beyond thrilled that they were pleased with the output, and our branding goals were accomplished.

As part of the package, we provided different image sizes that will suit all platforms for easy usage —from print, web, and social media. These are more than photos. These are Michelle and Britney’s statements of power, grit, and unique beauty.

It’s exciting to think about the undeniable level of growth in store for upLinked in the coming years. This branding photoshoot is a testament to new doors that are about to be unlocked.

Captivate Your Clients With Powerful Branding Photos

In this digital era, your photos can make or break a great first impression among your potential clients. Let Kristine Logan Photography help you captivate the world with the level of excellence and service only you can provide. Let us help create some buzz for your brand with professional business portraits! Are you ready to take your business to the next level?