I am thrilled to share with everyone another fabulous member of my glam squad here at Kristine Logan Photography. I have been working with make-up artist, Angie Gibson, since I first opened my doors to glamour photography. Angie came highly recommended by one of her former instructors, Terra Soto, and it became obvious why right away given her top notch skills as well as her outgoing personality.

In addition to being a talented make-up artist, Angie is also a fabulous hair stylist, capable of double duty while on set.  Angie has been doing make up for friends and family long before she started her business, trU aUra, in 2011. She is very passionate about her career in the beauty industry and brings that positive energy with her to every shoot. Clients rave about her as she not only makes them look beautiful, but she empowers them as well.  Nothing proves this more than the fact my clients book Angie again and again for special occasions, weddings and events.

“I have met so many incredible women on my journey who have touched me, inspired me and made this experience so rewarding,” says Angie. “Make up is such an exciting tool to enhance features, gain confidence and feel beautiful! Although we are all uniquely beautiful without any makeup on, it sure is fun being a girl and getting made up.”Angie owns and operates her own salon, trU aUra located at, 5310 Merchandise Dr, Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the Spiece Fitness Center.  When you book your glamour session at Kristine Logan Photography, Angie will be part of my expert team to help in your transformation. Because when you look beautiful you feel beautiful!  Visit our contact page to get started on your amazing journey.

Kristine Logan Photography is proud to introduce Terra Soto, owner of Stoney Creek Hair Design, to our team.  Terra has been with us every step of the way since first launching our glamour brand.  

This savvy business owner has a wide skill set including: nail technician, stylist, colorist and educator, both locally and for the JOICO brand.  But it is her positive outlook and cheery disposition that make Terra a client favorite on busy shooting days. She reflects, “I have one shot at life, only one chance to live with passion and use the gifts that God has given me to make a different in the lives of others.”  Bringing that kind of energy, along with her styling wizardry, are what make her an asset to our studio’s glamour team.

While at the salon, she notes, “I love that every day is different.  There is always a new person for me to work with. I love helping clients look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.  It’s rewarding to know that I am helping others feel good about themselves.” When she’s not at the salon or on set, Terra can be found sampling local restaurants, taking in indie music or planning her revolution of the beauty industry.When you book a glamour or personal branding session with Kristine Logan Photography, Terra will be part of the team to help in your transformation.  Visit our contact page for more information on how you can get started on your beautiful journey.

As a young girl, I dreamed of going to the Olympics as a track star.  I figured it would have to be in the 100 yard dash because I just wasn’t fast beyond that.  I tell ya, in grade school I had a mean kick in those last 30 yards.

But as I ran track in high school, I realized I really didn’t like to run THAT much.  100 yards was fine but 200 yards was a killer. So imagine what I thought of the workouts required to run the sprints?  The proof was in the pudding when I joined the golf team the following year. It’s safe to say, I was better suited to the amount of running golf required.

Naturally, I am super excited to have a full fledged track star as one of my 2014 Seniors.  Let me introduce you to, Symone Black, a kind-hearted, Christian young woman with a Godly gift for running and jumping hurdles about the same size as she is.

Symone was already a standout athlete when she joined the Concordia Lutheran High School Track team.  She ended her career at Concordia in 2014 with two State Championship titles (110m & 300m hurdles) and a whole mess of medals along the way.  Those hard earned titles were already on top of an Indiana State title her junior year, making her a repeat Gold Medalist in the 300m hurdles.  Symone also amassed national attention and awards, in addition to earning a full track scholarship to Purdue University last fall.

Now that Symone was in the “big leagues,” I had to wonder how this little fish would do in the Big Ten Pond?  Well, she had a stellar indoor season and capped things off with a 2nd place finish in the 400m dash at the Big Ten Indoor Championships.  Adding to the excitement, she shattered the school record and became the first Boilermaker to run a sub 54 second 400m indoors. It was certainly fitting to read she was later named Freshman of the Year for all of the Big Ten.

This brings us to the end of the 2015 outdoor season.  Just last week at the Big Ten Championship in East Lansing, Symone pulled out a personal best (by 1.25 seconds) in the finals of the 400m hurdles. Coming off the last hurdle in second place, she grinded out a victory over Ohio State’s Alexis Franklin.  I’m guessing her kick in the final 30m was more impressive than mine, as she shattered Purdue’s school record and posted a new personal best of 56.76. A bronze medal that same day, with her 4x400m relay team, is just more icing on her Big Ten cake.

Symone is off to the NCAA Regional Meet in Jacksonville, Florida next week and is a strong candidate to be named Big Ten Freshman of the Year for the Outdoor Season.  At 19, her personal best ranks 9th in the country and is just 4 seconds off the World Record. I know, I checked. For a “wan-na-bee” Olympian, such as myself, this is a dream.  For a “prob-a-bly” Olympian like Symone, this is real.

Godspeed at the NCAA Regionals, Symone.  You won’t need it…because you’ve already found it.

Spring Break.  It’s a ritual here and just about everyone I know goes some place exotic, or so it seems.  For those of us who remain behind, we are left to flights of fancy via our imaginations rather than commercial airlines.   With thoughts of Kings and Queens, and their crowns and gowns, my creative mind journeyed to the Palace of Versailles and the ladies of court.  And thus, my modern adaptation into the world of Marie Antoinette was born.

The first element required were two fair maidens with long hair and a youthful innocence that could be transported back in time.  Naturally I drew upon the beautiful Lauren Gieschen, my sweet daughter who is party to many of my creative stories. To pair with her I called upon another talented artist, Sophie Knox, who shares in beautiful story telling through all her many art forms.

Next massive skirts with over 70 yards of tulle combined were made to bring an elegance to the era, crafted by the fabulous Lorraine Knox and myself.  It is no small task wrangling that much material! Finding other costume pieces to reflect a more “modern” spin on French royalty required more imagination than effort and were quickly assembled.

The girls were wonderfully adorned by the fabulous Danielle Koch who did their hair and Mallory Belote who crafted make-up suitable for our 19th century spin French royalty.  Gone were the excessive powdered wigs and pale make-up, but rather they sported porcelain features that were better suited to ladies in waiting or members of Court.

Our fabulous set was styled by Lorraine Knox demonstrating her appreciation for the depth of layers as well as attention to detail.  Oh, what a mess we made creating such elegance for the camera’s frame. If only I had thought to capture a behind the scenes shot, you would understand the chaos created by visionary perfectionists!  As you know it is all in the details.

Enjoy a few shots from a delightful day of dress up and make-believe from the Glamour Studio of Kristine Logan Photography.

I am so excited to welcome you to my new website! My photography journey has been a marvelous one, introducing me to new places, experiences and people. I am so very blessed to do what I love each and every day.  After photographing mostly high school seniors the past three years, I am thrilled to introduce a line of modern portraiture, featuring magazine inspired shoots for every day women. You might wonder, what is the inspiration behind such an adventure?

I believe that women are under served in this world.  We carry heavy burdens, shoulder much responsibility and often sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of those around us.  On our long list of “to dos” we typically find ourselves on the bottom of it, if we even make the list at all.  

Yet, in every woman there is a young girl who loves to play dress up, have her hair and make up done, and live inside the pages of a fashion magazine.  With every turn of the page, we want to see ourselves and imagine…  

Unfortunately, many will silence that young girl and say, “That’s not me.  I’m too old, too heavy, too plain.” I am here to whisper something new to them: “Beauty is revealed through the power of belief.  Let me show you how.”

To begin this adventure, I thought it fitting to take part in the experience first hand.  I was excited to shop for new clothes and to work with my stylist Angie Gibson.  What a treat it was to sit back and relax while talented artisans worked at their craft.  After the shoot, I delighted in previewing my images from my photographer, Shannon Garrett.  They were better than I had imagined and my confidence soared!  Seeing is believing and believing is empowering.

I have a dream where every woman believes in their own unique beauty, their own self worth, and in the power of their dreams.  I believe in the transformative power of photography which is my gift to my clients. Through my lens I want to show you what I see:  the power and the magic and the beauty that is uniquely yours.

I want to celebrate women everywhere.  Beautifully.

Let me show you how.