In so many circumstances, we are our own worst judges. This is true on a deep and uncomfortable level for many women—often seeing the lovely things in others, and only the flaws in ourselves. At Kristine Logan Photography, it is our mission to change this. Our goal is to showcase the best features our clients and build confidence through top tier glamour and beauty portrait photography. When anyone leaves the studio, I want them to feel better than when they entered.

Meet One of Indiana’s Prominent Orthodontists

I’d like to introduce Dr. Allison Bergdoll, a very successful orthodontist of Dupont Orthodontics in Fort Wayne and Columbia City, Indiana. She is a brilliant woman who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Valparaiso University, finished 1st in her doctorate class of Dental Surgery at Indiana University with a perfect 4.0 GPA, and earned her Masters and Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Alabama.

With Allison’s long list of accolades, and active involvement in various organizations, I cannot tell you how much I am amazed with her level of brilliance and passion. In all aspects she puts her heart into, and her commitment to excellence is clear. On top of all this, she is a loving wife and a mother to two beautiful children.

A Grand Festivity of Life Through Photography

I met Dr. Allison after donating a gift certificate to the Museum of Art Auction. She bought my gift certificate and came to us to celebrate her 40th birthday. It was her present to herself—something she truly deserves.

Aside from their wedding, Allison hadn’t really had professional photos, so it was a first, and Kristine Logan Photography rolled out the red-carpet fitting for a true queen like her.

With her charm and natural good looks, I was surprised to learn that Allison has always felt she was not photogenic, and thinks that every picture she sees of herself is awful. I believe this woman, in fact, all women, hold so much beauty within, and I am determined to help them realize it through my lens.

Glamor and business were the themes of the photoshoot. Allison loves the color red so we featured several striking red garments. We photographed 11 outfits—the highest number of outfits for a single person we’ve ever had! Elegance and radiance were evident in every photo we took, but more than the striking clothes, it was Allison’s smile that made her pictures stand out the most. She truly radiates from within. 

We also took branding headshots for her orthodontist practice that portray a high caliber of excellence. Previously, Dr. Allison used to have just casual photos. Now, she has materials that will help take her marketing up a notch, and give her practice a more polished and professional look.

Photos That Change the Way You See Yourself

More than taking photos, our ultimate pursuit is to help every woman we serve change the way they see themselves—to show them that they are greater than the limitations placed on them, they are one-of-a-kind, and beautiful beyond any comparison.

It is always heartwarming to get this mission accomplished. We are truly humbled and honored by Allison’s kind words, “Kristine is so good at what she does—good at posing and having you turn your body certain ways. She pays attention to details. All the photos turned out amazing, better than expected! I previously thought I wasn’t photogenic but the photos were gorgeous!”

Kristine Logan Photography wants you to have a lasting reminder of your uniqueness and beauty so that your charm and character can be cherished for generations to come. Are you ready to change the way you see yourself?