I’ve always been enthralled by the heart of a mother—selfless, strong, beautiful, enduring. A mother nurtures and loves beyond comparison. Everything about her is worth beholding.

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Kristine Logan Photography gave away complimentary glamour portrait sessions for deserving moms. In the process, I found a gem whose life will grab your attention, give you hope, and inspire you to push on no matter the difficulty.

Supermom Owner of The Narwhal and the Manatee

Meet Megan Elizabeth Sutton, a smart, savvy, stunning soul who gracefully wears many hats. She’s a mother of three beautiful kids, and a believer that nothing is more important in this world than family.

This admirable woman is the owner of The Narwhal and the Manatee, a bath and body boutique that offers natural skincare products without sacrificing luxury and quality.

Her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur was stirred by a solution to her youngest’s skin problem. They had battled it out since day one; tried all the gentle, “earth friendly,” and “skin friendly skincare” options but nothing worked. The final resort was to make a product at home. With her experience experimenting with plants while growing up on a farm, Elizabeth was able to achieve astounding results. People told her she should sell her products, and so she launched The Narwhal and the Manatee.

Aside from managing this flourishing business, Elizabeth also works full time as a middle school media arts teacher.

She truly is full of vigor, pouring her heart in everything she does—you wouldn’t even get a hint about the challenge she has so bravely faced.

Elizabeth is an inspirational skin cancer survivor. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with the illness. But through it all, she has remained so positive about life. Right now, she is finishing treatment for her second bout of cancer. There are so many traits I love about Elizabeth, but one that stood out the most is her indomitable spirit.

Portraits That Hold Meaning for a Lifetime

The Kristine Logan Photography Mother’s Day promotion was the perfect opportunity for the world to know about Elizabeth’s powerful story. I loved Elizabeth’s story so much that I offered her a complimentary glamour session.

For Elizabeth, a great photo tells a story. She loves looking at photos of all kinds—cherishing what is happening in the captured memory, remembering what led to that moment, and the story surrounding it. Most of the photos she takes are things she loves, like gardens and honeybees. But during events, she hardly remembers to take photos since she is so invested in the moment.

This time, it is her moment to take a seat on the other side of the camera and receive all the much-deserved pampering and attention. I was beyond excited to capture her legacy portraits.

We thoughtfully planned out the purpose she wanted to convey. In the end, we came up with a one-word concept. There could be no better theme for her photoshoot but “OVERCOME”—perfectly depicting her fight against cancer. She doesn’t want her children’s memories to be clouded by trials; she wants them to remember her being healthy and full of life.

I loved how comfortable she was in her skin. We photographed a very large scar on her back. While the most glamorous, there is beauty in her strength and perseverance and that shines through in spades. The scar is just a reminder that there is an overcomer in each of us, and we always have a choice to take hold of our lives no matter the circumstances.

It was a joy to photograph her, and make her feel as beautiful as she makes so many others feel. Her photos were elegant, classy, timeless, and vivacious. In the lovely words of Elizabeth, one day these treasured photos will remind her kids that “their mom was a beautiful badass.”

You May Be Overdue for a Little Self-Care

Your story truly matters. But when was the last time the spotlight was truly on you? With our busy lives, I know plenty of us are guilty of forgetting to take time for ourselves. At Kristine Logan Photography, our mission is to remind you that you are worth celebrating. You are the star of a mountain-moving story waiting to be known (and immortalized) through brilliant legacy photos. It’s time to show the world how you made it through the other side with much beauty and resilience. Let us take portraits that hold meaning for a lifetime. We’re excited to have you in our studio!